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A summary of what our patients are sayingSuccessful pregnancy test after fertilisation

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Patient 1

I had Treatment at Shrewsbury and found them all to be Lovely. It is a small dept. in big Hospital. A million star rating from me. NHS Funding we had a choice of 3 -we chose here rather than Liverpool women’s and Cardiff.
In my opinion the clinic is…..

  • Small & friendly
  • Great Staff
  • Personal service – 1st name terms, remembering your name and your story
  • Easy to talk to.
  • Fast for Bloods – 6 nurses all in rooms conveyer belting you in and out.
  • Scans – carried out with care and dignity – good explanations of what’s what.

Patient 2

Yes I too had a treatment at Shrewsbury. We had our first two private treatments at Liverpool Women’s, and we not very impressed with our care. When we were finally granted one go on the NHS we opted for a “change” and Shrewsbury was one of the choices.

They were absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!! The nursing staff were brilliant very caring, down to every last detail of just even knowing your name when you walked in! It’s a very small clinic but compared to a large one I felt this was nicer! Your care was more one to one and you were not just treated like “a number” Our care was second to none. I was admitted to Shrewsbury hospital through A&E with OHSS and the following morning I had a visit from a nurse from the unit and the Embryologist!.

Although our Pregnancy sadly ended early, the nursing staff continued to call me up to 4 weeks after the MC to see how I was!

Patient 3

I also had treatment at Shrewsbury, and I totally agree they were really fantastic…
We went private with Mr B and he is lovely… Like Gayle I was admitted with OHSS and at least one member of the fertility nursing staff came to see me.

As you can see we were successful first time!

Patient 4

I also go to the Shrewsbury fertility clinic and as said before everybody is so friendly and helpful and always take the time to explain everything and all question you may have and if they can’t help you they will speak to the DR B and give you a call as to what he says.

Also I have read that some woman here on this site don’t have regular follicle scans being on clomid nore blood testing to see if ovulation has happened. Here they can’t test you enough which is great gives you the peace of mind too.

Patient 5

Shrewsbury is great, they are all so professional and friendly and I’ve heard statistically it is one of the best for success rates. I finished my clomid journey and they put us straight forward for IUI think we are having 2 cycles IUI then move over to IVF if we need to. Good luck with your tx, you will be fine at Shrewsbury they are all so lovely xxx

Patient 6

Hi There, I had my last treatment at Shrewsbury, they are an amazing bunch of people, so friendly and caring.

Patient 7

Hello all, I am going to the Shrewsbury Clinic and find them to be excellent and really friendly, I am really encouraged by their success rate too, so am hoping and praying that it all works out!!!

Patient 8

Seems Mr B really is a miracle worker ladies!!! Hes the only one whos ever got me