Assisted Conception for Same Sex Couples

Assisted Conception for Same Sex Couples

Many of the couples we see at Shropshire and Mid Wales Fertility centre are same-sex female couples and we are happy to discuss the options for donor treatment available to them.  If you choose an anonymous sperm donor our sperm donor co-ordinator will organise the procurement of sperm for you. Alternatively you may wish to use a known donor, in which case our staff can advise you all as to what this entails, the emotional considerations, ensure all necessary health checks are performed and legal paperwork is completed. If you want more information please call the unit on 01743 261202 (option 2) or come to one of our monthly open evenings which are held on the first Wednesday of every month for a free, private discussion with one of our staff.

Donor Intrauterine Insemination (DIUI)

This is a relatively simple process where prepared sperm are placed directly into your uterus (womb) by one of our nurses or doctors. Sometimes medication is necessary to give you the best possible chance of becoming pregnant but often it can be done on a monitored natural menstrual cycle. Find out more about the IUI process by clicking HERE.

Donor In-Vitro Fertilisation (DIVF)

If the partner hoping to carry a pregnancy has diagnosed a fertility problem that can prevent her getting pregnant through IUI or has attempted several cycles of IUI that have proven unsuccessful then IVF using donor sperm may be appropriate. Find out more about the process of IVF by clicking HERE

Shared Parenthood.

Another option you may wish to consider is shared parenthood. One female partner is stimulated to produce eggs which are collected and fertilised in the laboratory using donor sperm just as in a normal IVF cycle. However rather than any resulting embryo/s being implanted back into the woman they were collected from they are placed into the uterus of the her partner who can then go on to carry and give birth to her partners biological child.

NHS/Self funded Treatment

Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin CCGs do not fund insemination of single women or those in same-sex partnerships. They will however consider treatment if the women are shown to be sub-fertile. Telford & Wrekin CCG describe proven subfertility as no live birth following 12 cycles of IUI or by clinical investigation.

Welsh patients can apply for the funding to cover the procurement of donor sperm, providing they meet all other criteria in the Welsh access policy. Welsh Health Boards may fund the IUI process.

Male Couples

A male same sex couple wishing to have a biological child will be need to enter into a surrogacy arrangement. Shropshire and Mid Wales Fertility Centre are not able to offer a surrogacy service at this time but are happy to pass on the names of other clinics that may be able to help.